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Heatless Curler

Heatless Curler

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The heatless curler headband is an innovative and comfortable hair styling accessory designed to create beautiful curls and waves without the need for heat styling tools. This specially crafted headband is made from soft and flexible materials that provide a snug yet gentle fit around the head.


Utilizing a unique approach to hairstyling, this headband features built-in curl-forming tubes or compartments strategically placed along its length. Users simply dampen their hair, section it, and wrap each section around the curl-forming tubes of the headband. The headband is then secured in place, allowing the hair to set and dry naturally.


The headband's clever design ensures that hair is held securely in place overnight or during daily activities, allowing for effortless and comfortable wear while the curls or waves are being formed. By eliminating the need for heat styling tools, it helps prevent heat damage and reduces exposure to high temperatures that can affect hair health.


Ideal for various hair types and lengths, the heatless curler headband offers a convenient way to achieve gorgeous, heat-free curls or waves with minimal effort. It's a versatile and gentle alternative for individuals seeking a more natural and healthier approach to styling their hair. Whether used as part of a nightly routine or for quick styling during the day, this headband provides a fuss-free way to achieve stunning, heatless curls or waves.



How to use

Wrap your hair around the no-heat hair curler and secure it with the included scrunchies, then allow your hair to air dry or sleep on our Overnight Foam Hair Curlers and wake up to beautiful curls in the morning.


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Customer Reviews

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This makes tight curls

I just love love love love love love this thing , I don't know what quite to call it. It works a lot better than my robe. Which is what I usually wear to sleep to get my wavy curls. I have Barry thin hair. My hair started sending even more. It's always been very fine. But I had a lot of it when I got diagnosed with lupus. I started to notice my hair was really thinning. So that's when I started really cutting out. Heat using rose Mary oil on my scalp and buying shampoos that. Yes, they're more expensive. But you know you get what you pay for and I can't stop. What's going on inside my body , But I sure can try to stop what's happening on the outside. And yes, these are extensions.
I started with the tape in extensions these are Bellami Hair extensions
I get them sewn in for $250. but prices have really gone down on hair extensions and there is a big difference.
It's harder for me now to do. The tape. Binds on my own. My fingers and joints are Very thor and their hard to use now . The curls were so tight when I tapped him out. I looked like Shirley Temple usually I'll just run my fingers through the curls, and that will give me that 13 bucks. I don't know if it's the balance hair. Alright, you know all the treatment side do on my hair. But these girls are still going and The picture was taken week ago or so.. Sorry about the no makeup but I really wanted to show how good heat list pearl's can be. You don't need to use those beachwavers and all that hot stuff on your hair.
You can get the hair you want Without all the damage . And for all you 20 year olds out there. I Love that I can just twist my hair at night.
I only shampoo once a week so if I need to just dampen it. I do and then spray on some leebo and conditioner roll of that. So comfy to sleep in you don't even know you're wearing it.. And pearl of the youngsters out there End my fellow mature women.
I am 56 years old.